5 Best Houseplants For Beginners In 2023

houseplants for beginners
houseplants for beginners

Houseplants for Beginners: These houseplants are a great place to start your journey in the world of gardening.

All the below-listed houseplants are generally easy to grow.

These houseplants can handle irregular watering, uneven or bad light, and fluctuations in day and night temperatures.

It can withstand the temperature. It will grow in bedrooms, offices, and even shaded corners.

5 Best Houseplants for Beginners In 2023

1. Lucky bamboo

Houseplants for Beginners
houseplants for beginners | https://eagrovision.com

In traditional feng shui, lucky bamboo is used to attract health, happiness, love, and abundance. Feng Shui bamboo is widely used in feng shui decoration solutions for home and office.

Technically a type of Dracaena plant, Lucky Bamboo is a perennial plant. These houseplants can thrive in any condition. They can grow even with poor lighting and poor air quality.

However, lucky bamboo lives on. They make great gift plants, and many people think they bring good luck and improve energy or chi energy in their environment.

2. Dracaena Species

houseplants for beginners
houseplants for beginners | https://eagrovision.com

There are many varieties of these houseplants suitable for a home. Di Margenta and De Dracoare surprisingly easy to care houseplants and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. These plants have cushions of wooden trunks.

Dracaena leaves can be yellow, green or can be of tricolor.

As a member of the agave family, you have to water these houseplants regularly in the summer and need to leave them almost dry out in the winter.

The fragrance of this plant is often used to make false palms or ti plants.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant
Spider Plant | https://eagrovision.com

Spider plant falls under the category of exuberant houseplants. These varieties of houseplants grow easily in baskets or at the top of columns with beautiful arching leaves.

By far the most common variety is the variegated one. Over time, mature plants will send shrubs or offsets on long stems making a great hanging screen.

These houseplants can be easily cultured to create new ones. Spider plants do not demand excessive light, water or temperature.

4. Bromeliads

houseplants for beginners (bromeliad)
houseplants for beginners (bromeliad) | www.www.eagrovision.com

These houseplants have gained a bad reputation, perhaps due to the difficulty faced while making the plant bloom.

Of course, making these forest plants flowers at home is a delicate task.

They need high temperature and water as well as high humidity and filter light to become a prominent flowering plant.

However, many types of bromeliads find themselves beautiful and attractive. Bromeliad is usually given water by filling the central cup with water.

These houseplants need very little fertilizer and can be grown from the pups that you see around the base of the plant.

5. Golden Pothos Vine

Golden Pothos Vine
Golden Pothos Vine | www.www.eagrovision.com

Golden pothos is one of the well-known hanging plants around the globe.

In its original habitat, golden pothos is a vibrant vine, With very big green and yellow leaves.

As an indoor plant, the plant grows aggressively in pots or baskets with minimal care. It will easily develop roots in a simple glass of water.

With good care, large, rugged and ripe leaves can be seen on this houseplant.


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