How Did Mac Singer Christine McVie Die?

How Did Mac Singer Christine McVie Die?
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According to her newly published death certificate, Christine McVie, legendary Fleetwood Mac vocalist and songwriter who passed away in November at age 79, died of a stroke. McVie’s invasive cancer had metastasized throughout her body, as stated on the death document. Her heart was beating too quickly, too sluggish, or irregularly, a condition known as “atrial fibrillation,” which she had been experiencing. McVie’s sibling and his offspring will receive her fortune of more than $50 million. She donated a portion of her estate as well. McVie had a history of back issues and had previously spoken about how she had to stand while performing the piano because of them. Her estate’s financial adviser is hastily filing an appearance in court because the tax payment is due on May 31, 2023.


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