How is the Real Father of Prince Harry?

How is the Real Father of Prince Harry?
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According to sources, Prince Harry, who is 38 years old, has always been troubled by rumors of his paternity and even contemplated taking a DNA test to put them to rest. However, he has now realized that he doesn’t need a test to prove anything.

This realization came after he wrote in his memoir, Spare, about how his father, Prince Charles, used to make jokes about the possibility of him not being Harry’s real father. This joke wasn’t particularly funny at the time, considering the circulating rumors that Harry’s biological father was Major James Hewitt, one of his mother’s former lovers.

Despite his past concerns, Harry is now determined to put the rumors behind him, as he understands that they have no basis in reality. On the other hand, his father, King Charles, is said to be concerned about the potential damage that would be caused if Harry continued to bring up these issues publicly. The King is well aware of how damaging this could be, given that there are already individuals claiming to be love-children of him and Camilla, such as the man from Australia.

Therefore, while Charles is wary of Harry’s potential to make this a focal point of his next Netflix special, he believes that by keeping the Sussexes close, he can avoid any further controversies.


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