How much money does a WWE referee make?

How much money does a WWE referee make?

Mike Chioda, a long-time referee in the wrestling industry, recently opened up about the substantial compensation he made during his time with WWE. Because of what Chioda has said, many would-be referees may now be interested in the profession because of the money it can bring in.

The mental and physical demands of becoming a WWE referee cannot be understated. Referees may not take as much of a beating physically as the wrestlers, but they still put in a lot of time on the road and miss out on lots of family events. Chioda, who worked as a WWE referee for an astonishing 31 years, knows firsthand the ups and downs of this industry.

Chioda was unexpectedly let off from the corporation in August of 2020 due to cost cutting measures brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. The news was even more devastating because he had just gotten back from the hospital after getting hurt while officiating. Chioda was released, and in retrospect, he was shocked rather than bitter. He acknowledged the difficult circumstances brought on by the pandemic, which affected the entire wrestling profession. He improvised by beginning a podcast in the downtime.

Chioda may not feel any animosity toward WWE because of the high money he received during his time there. His own disclosure put his annual salary as a referee at a staggering $240,000. One thing to keep in mind is that not all WWE referees are paid as much.

After 30 years of dedicated service to WWE and a substantial income, Chioda is undoubtedly in a solid financial position following his release. Chioda has kept active in the wrestling industry despite his injuries by appearing for AEW (All Elite Wrestling) after leaving WWE.

Although he has not signed a formal contract since leaving WWE, the experienced referee has stated a wish to continue his career for a few more years. Chioda is a well-respected member of the wrestling world thanks to his commitment to and contributions to the sport. His story also serves as a reminder that perseverance and effort in any field may pay off with professional and financial success.


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