Hulu Implements Password-sharing Restrictions Following Netflix And Disney+

Hulu Implements Password-sharing Restrictions Following Netflix And Disney+

Hulu has joined the list of streaming services cracking down on password sharing a move initially implemented by Netflix in 2023.

Following Disney+, another Disney-owned platform Hulu will no longer allow subscribers to share passwords outside their households. Subscribers were notified of these changes via email with the new terms set to take effect from March 12, 2024.

Password Sharing Restrictions

The updated subscriber agreement explicitly prohibits sharing Hulu account login information with individuals outside the subscriber’s household. The definition of “household” is specified as devices associated with the primary personal residence used by the individuals residing there.

Hulu reserves the right to analyze account usage to ensure compliance and may take corrective actions if violations are detected.

Similar Approach as Disney+

Hulu’s decision closely aligns with Disney+’s approach to password sharing. Disney CEO Bob Iger had previously hinted at addressing this issue during an August 2023 company call emphasizing the exploration of methods to discourage account sharing and exploring options for subscribers to share accounts with friends and family for a fee.

The measures are part of Disney’s broader strategy to drive monetization and convert shared accounts into paid subscriptions.

Implementation Details and Timing

The email notification sent to Hulu subscribers outlined the changes in the subscriber agreement indicating that the new terms would officially commence from March 12, 2024. The proactive approach aims to curb unauthorized access and ensure that streaming platforms maintain revenue streams through legitimate subscriptions.

Industry-Wide Trend

The move by Hulu follows industry trends set by Netflix and Disney+ and aligns with a broader shift in the streaming landscape.

As streaming platforms prioritize monetization and subscriber growth restricting password sharing has become a crucial strategy to ensure the financial sustainability of these services.


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