I Am Legend 2: Will Smith Spills Details on Sequel with Michael B. Jordan


The highly anticipated sequel to I Am Legend is finally gaining momentum and lead actor Will Smith has shared exciting insights into how his character Robert Neville will make a return.

Notably, Smith confirms that the sequel will feature Michael B. Jordan alongside him raising the anticipation levels for this iconic movie continuation.

The Return of Robert Neville

I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith concluded with Neville sacrificing himself during a final confrontation. However the alternate ending deemed superior portrayed a more nuanced conclusion.

Neville realizes the infected beings are not mindless monsters leading to a peaceful resolution. The sequel will use this alternate ending as a launching platform.

Confirmation of Michael B. Jordan’s Role

During an appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival, Will Smith revealed significant details about the sequel.

He confirmed that Michael B. Jordan is part of the project hinting at a collaborative effort in bringing the I Am Legend universe back to the screen. The script is in and the movie will follow the mythology of the DVD version where Neville survived.

Possibly Playing Smith’s Son

While specific details about Michael B. Jordan’s role are under wraps speculation points toward him potentially portraying Smith’s son.

The sequel set a few decades later than the original explores a post-apocalyptic world influenced by the alternate ending’s mythology. The storyline will trace back to the original Matheson book promising a fresh take on the I Am Legend universe.

Director and Production Plans

Francis Lawrence, the original film’s director is expected to helm the sequel. The project is likely to move forward before Lawrence’s other commitments to BioShock and Constantine 2.

While a confirmed release date is yet to be announced, the buzz surrounding the return of I Am Legend suggests an eagerly awaited cinematic experience.

The sequel’s release date is yet to be confirmed.


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