Jade Cargill’s WWE Signing and Ambitions for WrestleMania Main Event

image credit WWE

Jade Cargill’s recent signing with WWE has caused quite a stir in the world of professional wrestling, even though she previously had no history with the company. WWE’s promotion of her signing, despite her background in AEW (All Elite Wrestling), has generated significant attention on social media.

The video of Jade Cargill arriving at the WWE Performance Center has amassed an impressive 5.9 million views, while the official announcement post has soared past 14.9 million views. While some WWE fans may not be familiar with her, the company’s emphasis on her arrival is proving to be a successful strategy.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Cargill expressed her clear intention to reach the pinnacle of WWE by headlining WrestleMania. She acknowledges that achieving this goal won’t be handed to her and that hard work is the key.

“I understand what I’m here for. I want to capture gold and I want to headline WrestleMania, but none of that is handed out,” she stated. “I want to work to create those phenomenal moments. I want to have marquee matches, I want to get people talking, and I want to create something bigger than myself.”

Cargill also teased wrestling fans by revealing that she knows which of WWE’s three brands (RAW, SmackDown, and NXT) she will be a part of. She emphasized the element of surprise, urging fans to tune in to find out where she’ll be making her mark.

When asked if she feels like WWE has treated her like a star so far, Cargill affirmed, “Yes, I would say that. I think that they see that it’s in me. I think they know that I work hard and that I’ll bring that hard work over here to the PC, and that I’ll do what it takes to be a household name and to create that legacy.”

Interestingly, Cargill credited former AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes with encouraging her to leap into WWE. This adds an intriguing twist to her journey, and it remains to be seen how this dynamic will play out in the world of wrestling.

As she begins her new chapter with WWE, Jade Cargill’s aspirations to make a significant impact and headline WrestleMania have ignited excitement among wrestling enthusiasts, making her one to watch in the wrestling world.


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