James Gunn slams Tim Burton’s Batman, Stating the Movie “Awful”


Old screen short resurfaced, where DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn was seen criticizing Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie.

We all remember that Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman is a favorite among many fans as the top live-action portrayal of the iconic DC Comics hero. But recently, some older posts from James Gunn have come back into the spotlight, where he openly criticized the 1989 Batman movie.

In three screenshots that were shared by @MyTimeToShineHello and others, James Gunn expressed his strong opinions about Tim Burton’s first Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. These comments are quite detailed and critical. In a tweet, someone pointed out that James Gunn seems to be a fan of “The Flash,” hinting at Keaton’s Batman possibly meeting his end in the new Flash film.

In the first screenshot, Gunn wrote a comment on Facebook. He mentioned that Keaton’s Batman had a voice that seemed a bit odd. However, he preferred dealing with a strange voice having to watch action scenes that he found terrible, and acting that he felt wasn’t up to par with even the Batman TV show.

Moving on, Gunn’s second comment, shown in the second screenshot, took a strong stance on Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker. He compared the character to Jack Torrance from “The Shining,” but added some strong language to express his dissatisfaction with the Joker’s appearance, referring to it as “sh*tty clown makeup.”

In the third screenshot, which is perhaps the most heated comment, Gunn criticized the movie’s soundtrack, including the work of composer Danny Elfman and the music by Prince. He called it the worst effort from everyone involved. He also shared his thoughts about the decision to make the Joker responsible for the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Gunn believed this change undermined the deep desire for vengeance that defines Batman’s character. He finished his comment by saying that Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” movie was brilliant in comparison.

These old comments from James Gunn remind us that even well-loved movies can spark strong opinions and debates among fans and creators alike. It’s a reminder that different perspectives add depth to discussions about films that have left a significant impact.

James Gunn finds himself under fire from DC fans who are expressing strong disapproval of his past comments.

One fan expressed deep shock at what they called Gunn’s “disgustingness” and lack of respect for the work of other artists. They asserted that anyone with a conscience would step down after such behavior. This fan accused Gunn of being a shameless hypocrite, suggesting that his motivations revolve solely around money rather than ethical considerations.

Another fan shared their perspective, claiming that Gunn’s sentiments reveal a long-standing animosity towards DC. They went on to assert that Gunn is on a mission to dismantle the company, leaving a clear hashtag “#FireJamesGunn” demanding his removal.

These responses emphasize the passionate feelings stirred among DC fans due to Gunn’s past statements. As discussions unfold, the clash of opinions highlights the emotions that fandom can evoke in response to public figures’ words and actions.

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