Jay Duplass on Portraying Hades in Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Jay Duplass on Portraying Hades in Percy Jackson & the Olympians

In the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hades is often misunderstood as a villain due to common mythological misrepresentations.

However, Jay Duplass’ portrayal of Hades in the series stays true to the character’s nuanced nature emphasizing his role as the guardian of the Underworld rather than a malevolent figure.

Familiarity with Percy Jackson

Duplass shares his personal connection to the Percy Jackson books through his children who are avid fans of the series. His immersion in the books through audiobooks and discussions with his kids motivated him to pursue the role of Hades in the show.

Challenges of Portraying Hades

Contrary to traditional portrayals of Hades as purely evil, Duplass aimed to bring depth to the character highlighting his loneliness and complexities. He emphasizes the grounded approach taken by the series creators allowing him to explore various facets of Hades’ personality.

On On-set experience and Co-stars

Working alongside young co-stars like Walker Scobell and Aryan Simhadri, Duplass praises their talent and professionalism.

Despite the fantastical setting, the interactions on set felt genuine and personal contributing to the show’s authenticity.

Character Dynamics and Relationships

Duplass delves into Hades’ relationship with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon highlighting the character’s sense of being overshadowed and trapped in the Underworld. Despite his aloofness, Hades harbors concern for Olympus and the impending threat of Kronos.

Future Storylines and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Duplass expresses excitement for potential storylines involving Hades particularly his involvement with characters like Nico and Bianca di Angelo. He remains open to exploring further depths of the character should the show be renewed for more seasons.

Streaming Availability

Catch Jay Duplass as Hades in Percy Jackson and the Olympians now streaming on Disney+.


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