Jeremy Renner Shares Mixed Feelings About Return To Acting After Accident

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner, star of “Mayor of Kingstown” reveals his apprehensions about returning to work on Season 3 of the crime drama following a near-fatal snowplow accident last year.

Despite feeling “a little bit scared”, Renner embraces the challenges and looks forward to getting back into the rhythm of filming.

Renner’s Post-Accident Challenges

Speaking with People during the filming of a Super Bowl LVIII commercial, Renner acknowledges the arduous process of returning to film Season 3 after his accident in Nevada last January. He describes the experience as challenging especially considering the long work days lasting 14 to 18 hours often in freezing conditions in Pittsburgh.

Renewed Excitement for the Character

Renner expresses mixed emotions about the return to work stating he takes things “step by step” and acknowledges his fear of slipping and falling. However, he believes that once he gets into the rhythm of filming he will regain confidence and excitement for the character and the storyline.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Details

Renner’s co-star Emma Laird confirmed Season 3 filming in December through a social media post. “Mayor of Kingstown” portrays Renner as Mike McLusky leading a family in a Michigan-based town that mediates between criminals, gangs and local law enforcement.

Despite a lukewarm critical response, the series has been well-received by audiences and was renewed for a third season while Renner was still recovering.

Renner’s Recent Projects

Apart from “Mayor of Kingstown”, Renner remained active with the Disney+ series “Rennervations” in 2023 collaborating with builders to repurpose government vehicles for charitable purposes. He also made appearances in the MCU series “Echo.” The actor’s diverse projects showcase his commitment to both acting and philanthropy.

Release Information

While no release window has been confirmed for “Mayor of Kingstown Season 3”, fans can catch up on the series via Paramount+.


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