Jimmy Garoppolo on Meeting Tom Brady for First Time

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Regardless of where he plays or which team he joins, Jimmy Garoppolo will forever be linked to Tom Brady.

During the early stages of the 2016 season, Garoppolo showed great potential as a starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. Many thought he would be the heir apparent to TB12, who was 38-years-old and had just returned from a four-game suspension for Deflategate. But little did we all know…

Now, during his introductory press conference with the Las Vegas Raiders, the topic of Tom Brady arose several times.

A reporter asked Garoppolo, “In your opening presser with the 49ers, you mentioned that the single most important thing you learned playing behind Tom Brady was work ethic. Now that you’ve been the starter in San Francisco for six years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned?”

Garoppolo replied, “Work ethic is probably still up there. It’s preparation and work ethic. In the NFL, everyone is fast, everyone can throw, but those two things will set you apart, along with your mindset. Winning games in this league is not easy, but if you have those little things going for you, you have a chance.”

Later on, the topic of Tom Brady resurfaced again during the press conference.

“Jimmy, can you talk about your first interaction with Josh McDaniels and how you got to know him as a coach?” Garoppolo was asked.

“We actually had a funny first interaction,” Garoppolo replied. “It was during the Combine process. I was visiting a team, and Josh was running me through the offense on the board. I don’t know if it was planned, but Tom Brady walked in.”


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