Kanye West is no More a Billionaire

Kanye West is no More a Billionaire
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Kanye West, the rapper, has had a difficult year. Forbes claims that his fortune has dropped by 80%, from $2 billion to $400 million, removing him from the ranks of the world’s billionaires. West, who had tried for years to make it onto Forbes’ yearly list of the world’s richest individuals, has suffered a major setback because of this decision. His outspoken attacks on Jews have cost him several lucrative business partnerships, and he now ranks among the year’s worst anti-Semites.

West has had a rough year on several fronts, including the financial front. After his short marriage to Kim Kardashian ended in divorce, he was sued many times and was forced to shut down his academy, Donda. However, Jay-Z is now the only rapper to maintain a spot on Forbes’ list thanks to his $2 billion net worth. West, though, is not one to give up easy, so we should expect to see more of his creative efforts in the news.


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