Kate Hudson Opens About Body Shamming in 2000

Kate Hudson Opens About Body Shamming in 2000
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Kate Hudson recently discussed the impact body shaming had on her early professional security and romantic prospects. In 2005, she sued the National Enquirer for wrongly labeling her “way too thin,” and she opened up about the newspapers’ relentless attacks during an edition of SiriusXM’s Let’s Talk Off Camera show. Hudson also brought attention to the media’s obsession with women’s bodies and the harsh judgment it often receives for doing so. She felt like she couldn’t speak to males unless she was paired up with them, and that affected her personal connections. The performer used to let the criticism get to her, but now she knows how to ignore it. To Hollywood’s artificial beauty standards and poisonous diet culture discourse, Hudson adds her voice to the increasing roster of celebs who have spoken out against body-shaming. Body acceptance campaigner Lizzo has lately spoken out against those who humiliate others for their physical appearance.


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