Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Returns: A Gateway to MCU’s X-Men Universe!


Whether you loved or hated The Marvels, there’s a particular aspect that likely stirred your excitement. The mid-credits scene unveils a surprising crossover as Monica navigating a multiverse mishap finds herself in the X-Men universe. Notably, she encounters Kelsey Grammer’s Beast from Fox Studios’ X-Men: The Last Stand. This cameo signifies the integration of the X-Men universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and excitingly suggests that Kelsey Grammer’s Beast might become a recurring presence.

Unexpected X-Men Crossover

In The Marvels the altered mid-credits scene showcases Monica encountering her alternate-universe mother and Kelsey Grammer’s Beast. Grammer’s Beast, donning the iconic lab coat explains Monica’s interdimensional presence and hints at consulting Professor Xavier about the anomaly. The scene introduces a new variant of Maria Rambeau in a distinct red/white suit possibly belonging to a different X-Men universe.

Significance of the MCU

Unlike previous X-Men cameos, Kelsey Grammer’s reprisal of Beast holds substantial meaning for the MCU’s future. The scene’s altered version emphasizing the importance of Monica’s arrival in the X-Men universe sets the stage for the integration of X-Men characters into the MCU storyline.

Confirmation of Return

Kelsey Grammer expressing his enthusiasm has confirmed his potential return to the MCU. In an interview with TheWrap, he stated “It is my hope that you will [see him again]. I can say with a certain amount of confidence that you will.” Grammer expressed his delight at the positive fan reaction to his cameo and emphasized his eagerness to portray Beast again.

Anticipation for the Secret Wars Saga

Marvel seems to be taking each cameo seriously hinting at their significance in the upcoming Secret Wars saga. The integration of X-Men characters into the MCU promises an exciting phase for Marvel enthusiasts with every appearance holding potential connections to overarching storylines.


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