Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Seen Kissing

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Seen Kissing
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After being observed at a Los Angeles eatery together, model Kendall Jenner and artist Bad Bunny’s love connection has been the subject of persistent rumors. A witness at their meal at Sushi Fumi reported that the couple was brazenly embracing and very intimate. After supper with pals, including Jenner’s sister Kylie, pictures emerged of the two of them kissing at another LA destination, Sushi Park. It has been said that Jenner and Bad Bunny appreciate each other’s company and give off a flirtatious aura. A close insider to Jenner, however, has said that she’s just having fun and appreciating Bad Bunny’s charisma, so it’s not obvious if their relationship is serious. After Bad Bunny purchased a home in Los Angeles, acquaintances allegedly set them up. Both Jenner and Bad Bunny have been connected to other people: the former with NBA star Devin Booker, and the latter with Gabriela Berlingeri, who he reportedly met in 2017. It’s obvious that Jenner and Bad Bunny are having a good time hanging out and getting to know each other, relationship or no.


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