Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Share Clips from their Wedding

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Share Clips from their Wedding
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In a new Hulu special dubbed “Til Death Do Us Part: Kourtney and Travis,” viewers will get an inside look at all three of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s nuptials. Private video from the couple’s weddings in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Italy can be seen in the show’s promo, which will debut on April 13.

The pair exchanged vows in a Las Vegas chapel, had a small courtroom service in Santa Barbara, and then brought their closest friends and family to a lavish celebration in Portofino, Italy.

In the preview, Kourtney and Travis talk about their nuptials and how they were both anxious before the big day. Kourtney says she was very apprehensive about the Italian ceremony, and Travis says he was so emotional he couldn’t get through his vows. Kourtney describes her and Travis’s nuptials in Italy as “really romantic and classic,” while Travis says he “can’t pick.”

The show will air on April 25, a full month before “The Kardashians” season 3 premieres on May 25. During the Italian event, Kourtney will wear a flirty, short Dolce & Gabbana dress, and Kim and Kris will give heartfelt remarks. The new program will give viewers a close look at the couple’s romance and their path to the aisle.


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