Lamar Jackson News On Thursday Shocks NFL Fans

Lamar Jackson News On Thursday Shocks NFL Fans
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On Thursday, the NFL surprised everyone by issuing a note to teams regarding a certain “Ken Francis” who had been contacting clubs on behalf of former MVP Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens have used the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, giving him the right to negotiate with other clubs.

But, he has not received any offers. Jackson has been criticized for not being represented by an agent during contract negotiations, and it is unclear if he directed Francis to reach out to teams or if Francis is simply doing so on his own initiative. Since Francis is not an NFLPA-approved agent, however, the NFL has forbidden teams from contacting him.

If an offer sheet for Jackson is submitted by a team that violates this provision, the league may reject it. Teams interested in recruiting Jackson may have a harder time doing so now that they know about this development and the subsequent interest in who Ken Francis is. Further information regarding Francis and his role in the negotiations may become available, and the situation is likely to persist for some time.


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