Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap + Episode 4 Preview


Like Flowers in Sand, the South Korean drama directed by Kim Jin-woo and written by Won Yoo-jung, unfolds a gripping story within the vibrant setting of Geosan’s ssireum city. The series, starring Jang Dong-yoon as Kim Baek-doo, a Taebaek-class player of the Geosan County Office Ssireum Team, navigates the challenges faced by young individuals striving to flourish in their lives.

Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with a mysterious man named Hyun-duk entering the stadium, sparking intrigue as he interacts with Yu-kyung, who is engrossed in a conversation with Baek-du. The complexities deepen as it is revealed that Yu-kyung and Hyun-duk are not a real couple but are pretending to investigate a suspicious death in the village.

The story unfolds with Seok-hui contemplating writing a report on the crime, only to face opposition from his superiors, citing the involvement of the Seoul police department. Baek-du, meanwhile, seeks Seok-hui’s help with his studies as he prepares for the police entrance exam, much to Yu-kyung‘s displeasure. Tensions rise as Baek-du considers quitting the ssireum team.

Simultaneously, Hyun-duk delves into the investigation. He gathers information from village women who disclose details about the ssireum coach‘s involvement in gambling and financial troubles with Choi.

Baek-du’s decision to quit becomes apparent to his family during breakfast, leading to a visit to the stadium for his official resignation. The absence of the coach raises questions, while Baek-du practices his moves and confronts Yu-kyung about her motives, unaware of her true identity.

Surprising news arrives when Dong-Chan reveals a potential new coach for the team: Kwak Jin-Su. However, Yu-kyung suggests Baek-du for the role, intensifying the rivalry between the contenders. As tensions escalate, Yu-kyung discloses her true identity as Du-shik, leaving Baek-du in disbelief.

Episode 4 Preview

In the upcoming episode, Du-shik persuades Baek-du to take on the role of coach for the ssireum team, leading to intense training sessions. However, complications arise when the police arrive at the stadium to question Baek-du as a suspect in Choi’s death. s secrets unravel and tensions escalate, the episode promises a lot of twists and turns that are bound to captivate viewers.

Episode 4 of Like Flowers in Sand is set to stream on Netflix on 28th December at 9:00 PM KST (5:30 PM IST). It promises to offer audiences a continuation of the riveting drama and an exploration of the intricate web of relationships and mysteries within Geosan’s ssireum city.

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