Locations Where ‘Good Burger 2’ Was Filmed Explained

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The beloved comedy classic “Good Burger” makes a return in “Good Burger 2”, bringing back the familiar characters but in a more grown-up setting. As the sequel to the 1997 film, it aims to invoke nostalgia for fans.

Here we will delve into the locations where “Good Burger 2” was filmed offering insights into the production’s efforts to recapture the spirit of the original.

Where Was ‘Good Burger 2’ Filmed?

United States of America

Filmed in the United States the heart of the fast-food industry “Good Burger 2” pays homage to the country where the fast-food phenomenon began.

With a history dating back to companies like White Castle which sold five-cent hamburgers as early as 1921, the U.S. has been an inventor in the fast-food landscape.

Major chains like McDonald’s and KFC operating since the mid-20th century have since become global giants. While “Good Burger 2” unfolds within the fictional world of fast food, it remains to be seen if Good Burger will become a multinational sensation.

Los Angeles, California

Returning to its roots “Good Burger 2” was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The original 1997 film was also shot in California specifically in West Covina with scenes filmed at a restaurant named Peter’s El Loco.

By utilizing the same location the sequel seeks to recapture the original movie’s nostalgic atmosphere aligning with the spirit of the Good Burger brand.

Rhode Island, New England

Rhode Island situated in the New England region of the northeastern United States served as a key location for the production. A former Friendly’s Restaurant in North Providence was transformed into the iconic Good Burger fast-food outlet.

This restaurant located at 1883 Mineral Spring Avenue became a central set for the film. Filming also extended to other Rhode Island locations including the former North Providence Police Station in downtown Providence Warwick East Greenwich and East Providence.

The shoot commenced on May 18th and continued through June 20th utilizing these picturesque Rhode Island locales to recapture the magic of “Good Burger.”

In this highly anticipated sequel, the filmmakers strived to create a nostalgic and reminiscent experience for fans while introducing the characters to new generations keeping the spirit of “Good Burger” alive.


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