Lupin’s Future: Creator Shares Insights on Season 4 Possibilities

Image Credit Netflix

Fans of the thrilling Netflix series “Lupin” eagerly await the potential for a Season 4 after the gripping conclusion of Season 3. In this season we followed the expert thief Assane Diop portrayed by Omar Sy, as he tried to evade capture while also pulling off daring heists.

The story included his audacious theft of the Black Pearl which garnered him public support and led to faking his death. Despite these efforts, the season concluded with Assane behind bars, sharing a prison cell with his nemesis Hubert Pelligrini.

Creator’s Take on Season 4

In an interview with Variety, co-creator George Kay discussed the prospects of Season 4. While recognizing the role of Damien Couvreur, Vice President of Series in France, in the decision Kay emphasized that “Lupin” was crafted to have a lasting presence:

“We’ve put immense effort into these seasons and now we gauge how the world responds. So not to speak on behalf of Damien [Couvreur], but he has to consider that.

We design these shows with the potential for a long lifespan ensuring we’re not boxed in or face challenges in continuing them as it’s tougher to extend a show not built for the long run.”

Kay tantalizingly hinted at the series’ ambitious foundations and its readiness for Season 4:

“We’ve laid very ambitious foundations for it. So it has the scale if needed.”

In another interview with, Kay reinforced the concept that “Lupin” was intentionally designed for longevity expressing that the key focus is maintaining the core character relationships:

“It’s never about the stunts. The minor concern of depleting Paris’ remarkable locations to steal from is irrelevant. What truly matters is sustaining those central character relationships.”

Kay then offered a glimpse into potential Season 4 developments including Assane’s reunion with Claire and Raul and the ongoing exploration of his personal life:

“Will Assane reunite with Claire and Raul properly? Will he be able to navigate his personal life? Those relationships feel strong and so they can continue.”

Ultimately Netflix holds the decision:

“We’ll only know for sure when Netflix gives the green light but all the elements are in place for it.”

Why a Season 4 is Essential

The conclusion of Season 3 indicated that Assane’s journey is far from over even within the confines of a prison. The proximity of his cell to his rival, Hubert Pelligrini opens doors to unique interactions and narratives for Season 4.

While it might limit grand heists and escapes, it presents a fresh and different angle for the show focusing on character dynamics.


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