Margot Robbie Became Actor Because Of this Actor

Margot Robbie Became Actor Because Of this Actor
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Although Margot Robbie is now considered one of Hollywood’s top actors, her rise to stardom was far from smooth. In reality, her folks preferred that she go into law rather than show business. Robbie, however, realized that performing was her true calling, so she left law school to take strange jobs and save money to pursue her acting ambition. Robbie, like many performers, has said that “George of the Jungle” starring Brendan Fraser was the picture that made her want to become an actor. Her folks had their doubts about her choice of profession at first, but they turned around when they witnessed her perseverance and success. Robbie still has to overcome performing obstacles despite her achievement. She acknowledged that she is more comfortable working with other performers and responding to their acts than acting on her own. But Robbie has shown that she can overcome these obstacles and succeed in her chosen field.


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