Marvel’s Loki Season 2 Gives Tribute on National Pumpkin Day with Miss Minutes Carving

Image Credit MCU

In a delightful celebration of a national holiday and a clever promotional move for the highly anticipated new episodes of “Loki,” Marvel Studios treated fans to a unique spectacle—a Miss Minutes pumpkin carving.

The iconic character, voiced by the talented Tara Strong, swiftly won the hearts of viewers during the first season of Loki in 2021 on Disney+ as the digital leader and history-teller of the TVA.

Loki’s official X account joined the festivities of National Pumpkin Day by sharing a captivating video of an intricate Miss Minutes being meticulously carved into a pumpkin.

In an innovative approach to promote the launch of Loki Season 2 Episode 4, a 30-second time-lapse video takes viewers on a creative journey. It commences with the delicate pencil-drawn outline of Miss Minutes on the pumpkin’s canvas.

The artist then masterfully begins the carving process, displaying an unwavering focus on detail to capture shading by utilizing the pumpkin’s orange skin and yellow flesh.

As the final touches are put in place, the jack-o’-lantern comes to life, brilliantly showcasing Tara Strong’s Miss Minutes in all her glory. The iconic clock-headed character emerges with arms and legs, a remarkable tribute to the beloved digital guide.

But the timing of this charming National Pumpkin Day video takes on a more intriguing dimension when juxtaposed with the latest developments in the series.

In the most recent episode of Loki titled Heart of the TVA, Miss Minutes reveals her true colors in a shocking turn of events.

As General Dox and her Minutemen face dire consequences, Miss Minutes displays an eerie smile, unveiling a darker side. This chilling moment marks a significant shift in the character’s persona.

Furthermore, the episode delves into Miss Minutes’ loyalty to He Who Remains, portrayed by Jonathan Majors as Kang.

The audience gains insight into how He Who Remains mind-wiped all TVA agents, including Revonna Renslayer, who had been working closely with him to preserve the Sacred Timeline and end the Multiversal War.

In retrospect, it’s intriguing how the National Pumpkin Day video featuring Miss Minutes was shared just hours before her true intentions were unveiled.

As Loki Season 2 is near to its finale, fans can anticipate a double treat with the last two episodes slated for release on Thursday, 2nd November, and 9th November.

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