Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 to Drop All 14 Episodes at Once on Disney+

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2

In a groundbreaking move, Disney+ has announced that the second season of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will release all 14 episodes on Saturday, February 3.

This bold decision deviates from the traditional weekly episode release pattern opting for a binge-worthy experience for viewers.

Largest Marvel Binge Release

The upcoming release sets a new record for Marvel shows marking the largest number of episodes to debut on a single day. This shift in release strategy reflects Disney+’s desire to encourage binge-watching and boost overall viewership.

Disney’s Streaming Strategy

Ben Juwono, the supervising director and co-producer of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur shared insights into Disney+’s streaming strategy. He explained that the platform aims for a massive viewership surge with simultaneous releases moving away from the weekly model.

The binge model encourages audiences to watch all episodes early on contributing to increased overall viewership.

Impact on Creators

While the binge model may not be ideal for creators who see years of hard work released at once, it aligns with the current streaming landscape. Studios prioritize encouraging audiences to “binge hard and binge early” to maximize the hours of viewership.

About Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

The animated series which debuted on Disney Channel on February 10, 2023 follows the story of Lunella Lafayette, a 13-year-old genius turned superhero and her T-Rex companion, Devil Dinosaur. With familiar faces from the MCU making appearances the show has received critical acclaim winning an Emmy award.

Streaming Evolution for Marvel Shows

This move follows the trend set by other recent Marvel series like What If…? Season 2 and Echo, which experimented with non-traditional release patterns. The decision to release all episodes simultaneously challenges the conventional weekly release pattern for Marvel content.

The second season of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is set to revolutionize the Marvel viewing experience with its historic 14-episode binge release on Disney+.

This shift in strategy reflects the evolving landscape of streaming platforms and raises questions about the future release patterns for other Marvel shows.


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