Marvel’s Thanos is set to Return in What If…? Season 2, Marvel Studios Confirms!

Image Credit MCU

With the climax ending of Loki Season 2 and the evident departure from the Infinity Saga, fans were left wondering if they had seen the last of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Marvel Studios swiftly answered by unveiling the official trailer for Season 2 of the animated What If…? series, making it clear that Thanos is set to play a significant role in the upcoming multiverse plot.

The trailer teased intense sequences where Thanos, armed with at least some of the Infinity Stones, engages in epic battles. A showdown unfolds between Thanos, Captain Carter, and Marvel’s new hero, Kahhori. One striking moment showcases the Mad Titan’s menacing face gripping Captain Carter’s shield, hinting at a clash of cosmic proportions.

Moreover, the trailer features a sequence set in the Battle of Wakanda from Avengers: Infinity War, with Thanos wielding the Time Stone. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is seen alongside Thanos in Wakanda, adding a layer of intrigue to the narrative.

The official poster for What If…? Season 2, adorned with a festive Christmas theme, prominently features The Watcher and, notably, Thanos in various menacing poses. This raises questions about the extent of Thanos’s involvement in the upcoming episodes.

While it remains unclear if Thanos will appear in one or multiple episodes, the trailer hints at a dynamic storyline involving Thanos facing off against two distinct heroes, Captain Carter and Kahhori. The presence of Thanos in different scenarios suggests that What If…? Season 2 will explore alternate realities and divergent storylines.

Fans eagerly await the premiere of the What If…? series on 22nd December as Thanos returning to wreak havoc across the multiverse adds an exciting dimension to Marvel’s. The series promises to bring unexpected twists and turns in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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