Mattel’s New Barbie Series “A Touch of Magic” to Knock this September

Mattel’s New Barbie Series “A Touch of Magic”
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After the record-breaking Barbie movie, the entertainment company Mattel plans to launch a new animated series Barbie: A Touch of Magic.

Greta Gerwi’s cinematic movie “Barbie,” starring the dynamic duo of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has officially seized the crown as the highest-grossing film of 2023.

With a firm grip on the domestic box office, this cinematic sensation has left an incredible mark on the industry. Startled by this overwhelming success, Mattel has decided to bring a new series of Barbie by giving it an epic animation touch.

In an exciting revelation this week, Mattel, in collaboration with Netflix, has unveiled the curtain on their latest creation: “Barbie: A Touch of Magic,” slated to release in the forthcoming September. This announcement has stirred emotion and anticipation, as audiences prepare to be transported into a kingdom of enchantment and wonder.

New Barbie Series Story and Info

Barbie: A Touch of Magic will be a 13-episode series that unfolds the tale of Barbie Roberts, from Malibu and Brooklyn, who work together and go on an adventure. While enjoying life by the beach, a duo discovers a mysterious baby horse named Peggy, who is actually a Pegasus sent on a mission to Florida.

The Barbies unite in a determined effort to safeguard Peggy from the clutches of Rocki, a mystical entity who has a mysterious purpose. In the middle of their journey, the two Barbies will make new friendships and unveil a kingdom filled with enchantment and fantasy.

Barbie Movie is a Hit As of Now

The legacy of “Barbie” has already been engraved in cinematic history, earning an astounding $567 million within a mere five weeks of its release, culminating in total box office revenue of over $1.3 billion. As we gaze upon the movie’s success, it becomes evident that the upcoming “Barbie: A Touch of Magic” will surely receive love and popularity.

When Will the New Barbie Series Premiere?

Set to premiere on the 14th of September 2023, this new chapter in the Barbie saga is destined to capture hearts, enchant minds, and continue the legacy of the Barbie franchise’s success.


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