Mel Gibson And Vince Vaughn’s Crime Drama Hidden Gem is a Hit on Netflix

Mel Gibson And Vince Vaughn's Crime Drama Hidden Gem is a Hit on Netflix
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Movies that revolve around corrupt police officers are plentiful, ranging from the charming Alonzo Harris in “Training Day” to award-winning films like “L.A. Confidential” and “The Departed,” with a common thread of officers becoming jaded, cynical, or corrupt. Despite the characters not deserving redemption, audiences often find themselves rooting for the anti-hero.

It is not surprising that “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” a movie featuring John Luther, the complex, enigmatic, and relentless detective, has secured the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 Movie List. Fans eagerly anticipated Idris Elba’s return since his arrest in the Season 5 finale. However, the unexpected appearance of 2018’s crime drama “Dragged Across Concrete” at number four on the list, starring Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson, and Tory Kittle, is a surprise. The S. Craig Zahler film received little attention and grossed only over $660,000 worldwide.

Despite its lengthy runtime of over 150 minutes, it never drags. Zahler told Fred Film Radio that he aims to create immersive experiences that involve audiences, rather than merely presenting plot points and action beats. This hidden gem is packed with slow-burn tension, violence, and surprises, making it worth a watch.

After a video surfaces of officers Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn) using excessive force on a suspect and is sent to a news station, the pair is put on unpaid leave. Ridgeman, a cynical and bitter veteran of the force, believes he has been denied the raises and promotions he deserved because he didn’t engage in politics and games. Lurasetti, more intelligent and level-headed than his partner, follows him in pursuing bank robbers with the intention of robbing them and keeping the money for themselves.


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