Messi Rejects $1 Billion From Saudis for Wife

Messi Rejects $1 Billion From Saudis for Wife

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi has made a startling decision based on his family rather than his fame or fortune. Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal reportedly offered Messi the richest deal in sports history, for an astounding €1.2 billion over two years. However, Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo reportedly rejected down the hefty offer because they were worried about the safety of the Gulf region for their children. This was reported by the French publication Le Equipe.

With three young sons, the couple couldn’t bring themselves to accept the tempting offer to move to the desert of the Persian Gulf. Once Messi has made his decision, he is anticipated to make an official statement via press release on his social media accounts.

It’s interesting to note that Roccuzzo seems to have been heavily involved in making the choice and was in favor of relocating to Miami. This has led to Messi’s final decision to join Inter Miami for the upcoming season.

Messi’s decision shows how much he values his loved ones and how much the Saudi offer was substantial. It’s worth noting that the soccer player will still make a substantial amount of money if he signs with Major League Soccer, as Apple reportedly offered to split the profits from MLS Season Passes with him.

Fans of Inter Miami, who are counting down the days until the arrival of the Argentine legend, have already begun thanking Antonela Roccuzzo for her part in bringing Messi to Miami. This unexpected turn in Messi’s career shows that even the greatest soccer player of all time may put their family and values ahead of their career and the money that comes with it.


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