Miley Cyrus To Make a Lot Of Money From Her New Album

Miley Cyrus To Make a Lot Of Money From Her New Album
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Miley Cyrus became well-known after her starring role on Disney’s Hannah Montana, for which she reportedly earned $15,000. With the money she gained from the show’s 98 episodes, Miley was able to get her music career off the ground and pursue other opportunities. Forbes estimates that she had made $134 million from the program by the time she turned 18.

Miley’s fame, though, continued to grow. Several of the films she was in were commercial successes, such as The Last Song and Bolt. It’s unknown exactly how much money she made from those movies, but it was probably quite a bit. Miley has also experimented with endorsements, working with brands like Gucci and Hims&Hers skincare.

Despite her massive wealth, Miley has managed to have a humble and approachable demeanor. She just dropped a new track called “Flowers,” and it immediately shot to the top of the Billboard charts. Her March 10 album release, Endless Summer Vacation, has fans counting the days. Miley has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats by revealing new album lyrics on Instagram.

Miley has worked hard for her success, and it’s obvious that she has no intentions to slow down any time soon.


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