My Demon: Episode 13 Premiere Date and Exciting Remaining Schedule Revealed

My Demon Episode 13 Premiere Date

Korean hit drama My Demon starring Song Kang (Jeong Gu-won) and Kim Yoo-jung (Do Do-hee) sticks out as a spell-binding story of love and supernatural appeal, drawing a worldwide audience through its international presence on Netflix. Fans are eagerly awaiting Episode 13 and upcoming episodes after enjoying the first 12 episodes.

The series centred around a wealthy heiress Do Do-hee entwined in a love story with a 200-year-old demon Jeong Gu-won who finds himself stripped of his supernatural powers.

Episode 13 marks the latest addition to the romantic tale and will be available for global streaming on Netflix. Additionally, it will air on SBS TV in South Korea at 10 p.m. KST on the same date, ensuring a simultaneous experience for both local and international viewers.

For those keeping track, the release schedule for the remaining episodes of My Demon’s current season unfolds as follows:

12th January: Episode 13

13th January: Episode 14

19th January: Episode 15

20th January: Episode 16

The first 12 episodes of My Demon are already available for streaming on Netflix, building anticipation for the forthcoming developments in the romantic fantasy series. Episode 13 will be released on 12th January with more twists and turns.


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