Netflix’s Car Makeover Show Car Masters: Rust to Riches Returns for Season 5 in December 2023

Image Credit Netflix

Netflix’s popular reality series “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” is set to make a comeback with its fifth season in December 2023. The show known for transforming old vehicles into sleek machines, has gained a substantial fan base since its debut in 2018.

Overview of ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’

Originally launched on Netflix in 2018, the reality show follows the skilled team at Gotham Garage as they undertake the challenge of turning scrap cars into market-ready masterpieces. With eight episodes per season, the show has successfully blended automotive expertise with entertainment.

Renewal Confirmation and Season 5 Details

The renewal for the fifth season was officially announced via the Gotham Garage Instagram page in late July 2023. Mark Towle a key figure in the show confirmed the return and teased viewers with the promise of “bad-ass cars” and extravagant transformations. The announcement generated excitement as fans anticipated new additions to the team and extraordinary vehicle makeovers.

Returning Cast

Original cast members including Mark Towle, Tony Quinones, Constance Nunes, Shawn Pilot, and Michael “Caveman” Pyle are expected to make a return for the upcoming season. Their expertise and unique contributions have been integral to the show’s success.

Release Date Correction

While initial reports suggested a release date of July 24th, 2024, this information was deemed inaccurate. Mark Towle clarified that the new season would arrive on Netflix globally on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023. This corrected release date provides fans with an earlier timeline to look forward to.

Anticipated Season Content

As fans eagerly await the new season they can explore Shawn Pilot’s YouTube channel offering additional content related to the show and showcasing various automotive experiences.

“Car Masters: Rust to Riches” continues to rev up its engines captivating audiences with each season’s unique car transformations. The upcoming fifth season promises more excitement creativity and of course stunning automotive makeovers for enthusiasts and viewers alike.


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