Netflix’s Farewell Gesture: Subscribers to Receive Parting Gifts Before DVD Business Shuts

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As Netflix’s direct-mail DVD program approaches its final chapter, the steamer will send some farewell gifts to its subscribers.

On 19th April Netflix shared a surprising announcement that has stirred melancholy among subscribers. Netflix shuts down its direct-mail DVD rental company that was running since 1998. As the curtain falls on Netflix’s DVD service, a unique offer awaits those who have cherished the joy of physical media.

On 29th September Netflix will send some parting gifts to their DVD plan subscribers which will include 10 mystery titles carefully chosen from their personal queues. This remarkable move comes as the company bids farewell to a 25-year-long tradition of delivering movies directly to viewers’ mailboxes.

A Note by Netflix for its DVD Subscribers

Below is the email sent by Netflix to DVD subscribers:

“After 25 years of movies in the mail, we’re approaching the end of our final season. We really appreciate that you’re sharing movie nights with us until the last day.

Since mailing DVDs to customers based on selections they put them in their online queues. At the time, the setup posed a significant disruption to the practices of brick-and-mortar businesses like Blockbuster, which required customers to rent discs in person on a per-title basis.

In addition to emphasizing the online experience, in a move perfectly timed to the rise of the DVD format and increased high-speed internet penetration, Netflix also charged subscribers a flat fee per month. They could keep a set number of discs at a given time without incurring late fees.

Let’s have some fun for our finale!

If you click below by August 29th, you could find up to 10 extra discs in your mailbox. These final discs will be sent out on September 29th, our very last shipping day. You won’t know if any extra envelopes are headed your way until they arrive in your mailbox!

U.S. only. Limited quantity. While supplies last.

Don’t forget to review your queue and move your must-watch movies to the top.

We wish you happy viewing and truly thank you for being part of our final season. Enjoy each and every red envelope.

–The Netflix DVD team”

Source: Netflix

Why Did Netflix Decide to Shutdown its DVD Business?

Netflix’s decision to shutter its DVD business can be attributed to its strategic alignment with the digital landscape. Initially pioneering the concept of mailing DVDs to customers based on online selections, Netflix buckled traditional rental models like Blockbuster. Transitioning to a streaming-oriented model in 2008 and introducing originals in 2012 pushed the company into the streaming era.

In 2023, physical discs have become increasingly rare, with a $19.99 monthly fee alongside streaming for devoted disc enthusiasts. While the popularity of streaming has shifted the entertainment landscape, physical copies retain significance for cinephiles.

The dynamic nature of streaming licenses has led to titles frequently entering and exiting circulation, making physical copies a valuable way to access unavailable content.


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