Netflix’s One Piece Is Raising Its Bar, Star Jacob Gibson Shares His Happiness

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Fans will be totally mesmerized by Netflix’s One Piece series.

Netflix’s live-action series One Piece has recently been released, and it’s getting fantastic reviews. Jacob Romero Gibson, who plays Usopp in the show, expressed his happiness on Twitter, talking about the beauty of life and the excitement about this new series.

The actor Jacob Romero Gibson, who plays Usopp in the series, shared his joy on Twitter. He said he woke up to the sounds of birds and felt grateful for life’s blessings. Even though things can be scary, he finds the view from where he is breathtaking.

He compared the excitement of the series to the anticipation before an airplane jump which is a mixture of thrill, anxiety, and amazement. The actor expresses that it is the most incredible experience of his life.

Here is the tweet below:

“the only thing i hear this morning are the birds and the sounds of hummingbird wings. the deepest well you’ll ever tap, is the well of self. first thing i did when i woke up was cry. what blessings life has gifted me, what wonder has filled me, of course things can get scary and intimidating up this high, but the view is breathtaking. i’m forever overflowing with the gratitude of just this moment. today is love enough, feels like we are getting ready to jump out of a airplane. 1 part unnatural, 1 part don’t look down, 2 parts screaming, and a whole lotta “this the most crazy and beautiful sh*t i’ve ever done in my life.”

Fans of One Piece were moved by his emotional tweets and have been congratulating the entire cast. As a result of the ongoing strikes of WGA and SAG-AFTRA, the cast has been unable to promote the show extensively, despite being thrilled about its launch.

The TV adaptation of One Piece has had a fantastic start – rated 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, with viewers praising Jacob Romero Gibson’s portrayal of Usopp. Watch this thrilling live-action series on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.


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