Netflix’s One Piece Surpasses Record of Wednesday and Stranger Things

Image Credit Netflix

ONE PIECE’ currently holds the top spot in Netflix’s rankings in a whopping 84 countries.

One Piece, the renowned manga and anime-inspired series, has recently made its highly anticipated debut on Netflix, setting a remarkable benchmark. One Piece has broken records previously held by major shows like Wednesday and Stranger Things by gaining the top viewership spot on Netflix in an astonishing 84 countries.

To understand how big this is, consider that when Stranger Things season four and Wednesday started, they were number one in 83 countries too. These are huge shows in their own way, so the fact that One Piece beat them in 84 countries is even more impressive.

What’s truly astounding is that One Piece garnered an impressive 83% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes right during its debut. This shows that the series is really good and people are liking it. The actor, Jacob Gibson, who played Usopp, was really happy about the series release and shared his excitement on Twitter.

One Piece’s remarkable performance has managed to beat the records previously set by Stranger Things season four and Wednesday. With this groundbreaking achievement, One Piece has shattered the conception that Hollywood struggles with adapting anime successfully.

If you haven’t watched One Piece yet, you can easily find it on Netflix and Hulu.


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