“Nine WWE Superstars, Including Dolph Ziggler and Elias, Released by the Company”

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WWE Releases Nine Superstars, Including Former Champions.

In a surprising move, WWE has let go of nine talented professional wrestlers, a list that includes former champions and familiar names that fans have known for years. This decision comes following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE, and it’s part of the changes happening in the company.

The newly formed TKO Holdings, which also owns UFC, had been hinting at mass layoffs, and it looks like this wave of releases has hit both behind-the-scenes staff and on-air talent.

One of the most significant departures is Dolph Ziggler, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Although he hasn’t been featured on WWE television for a while, he’s a seasoned talent within the company. His release marks the end of an era for the wrestler.

Shelton Benjamin, another notable name, has also been let go. This means any hope of The Hurt Business reuniting is extinguished. Benjamin had not been used frequently in recent times.

Mustafa Ali, who had been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the way Middle Eastern talent was treated in WWE, is also among those released.

Hit Row’s Top Dolla, who faced ridicule after a mishap during a SmackDown episode, found himself out of a job, along with Aliyah, a former NXT Superstar who struggled with injuries on the main roster.

Rick Boogs and Ridick Moss are also among those no longer with the company. Surprisingly, Elias, a wrestler who had a promising gimmick, was also released. While his character was altered by Vince McMahon, there was still potential for his original persona.

It’s worth noting that some of these wrestlers might find opportunities with other wrestling promotions, like AEW. In fact, some may have wanted their release from WWE.

This news comes on a day when WWE confirmed that SmackDown will move from FOX to the USA Network and that next February’s Elimination Chamber event will be held in a stadium in Perth, Australia.

The wrestling world is ever-changing, and these releases mark a significant shift in the landscape of WWE and the careers of these talented athletes.

The reactions are given below:

Shelton J. Benjamin

I have been released from my wwe contract. I thank @wwe staff , talent, and of course the fans for Everything. Something  ends, something new Begins.  Looking forward to my next Chapter

9:29 PM · Sep 21, 2023

Mustafa Ali/Adeel Alam

I am longer working with WWE.

I look forward to the future.

Thank you,


7:40 PM · Sep 21, 2023


As of today I am no longer apart of WWE.

8:43 PM · Sep 21, 2023

Tenille Dashwood

Oops nevermind. I just got released…

8:19 PM Sep 21, 2023

Mike Rallis

. Well I did it – I graduated from WWE.

I know a lot of people think my career really took a downturn once Mr. Levesque took over, but, in actuality, my per match fee skyrocketed through the roof.

Other promoters, get ready to back the brinks truck up.

9:09 PM · Sep 21, 2023


From Drifting onto the scene..

To WrestleMania with John Cena & The Undertaker..

To Millions around the world for years Walking With Elias..

A #1 ITunes Album

& To being my own younger brother (ZEKE)

while traveling the world..

It’s been a blast.

God is Good!

9:18 PM · Sep 21, 2023


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