Olivia Wilde’s net Worth and Her Expenses Will Amaze You


In the midst of her ongoing custody dispute with ex-partner Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde’s net worth has been made public. In a declaration submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, the actress revealed that she has a net worth of over $10 million. She earns $71,667 a month and has $645,187 in assets (including $645,187 in cash, $3,902,689 in stocks and bonds, and $6,021,860 in real estate and other property). However, she apparently spends $107,000 every month on things like a mortgage of over $58,000, $6,500 on basic utilities, and nearly $4,000 on laundry and cleaning.

Wilde’s representative responded to the leak by saying it was a breach of trust and that the family matter, which involved little children, should not have been made public. The actress and Sudeikis are in the middle of a child custody fight. Her protests about the perceived cost of Sudeikis’ legal approach led to the disclosure of her net worth.


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