Prey 2: Here is the Release Date and Other Important Details


Fans are currently in suspense as speculation grows around the potential sequel to Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey after years of silence. This prequel to the renowned Predator franchise was unveiled on Hulu in 2022, immersing viewers in the setting of the year 1719. The film portrays the initial meeting between the Predator creature and a Native American tribe.

Prey exceeded expectations, earning critical acclaim and a spot on Best of 2022 lists. However, details about a sequel have been scarce since its release.

In 2022, Trachtenberg hinted at discussions surrounding Prey 2 in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, but no official announcements were made. The filmmaker acknowledged contemplating potential sequels even during the writing phase of the first movie, cautioning against premature excitement.

Trachtenberg: “The nerd in me looked that far ahead, as far as he could look, before we started writing this movie, but the adult in me said, Don’t count your chickens and just be careful. Try and make the best movie possible, straight away.”
Trachtenberg: “Some things happened that are very expected, but some things were very much not. And so all that stuff was and continues to be really fun to think about and explore and… who knows?”

Despite the lack of concrete information, the September 2023 issue of Production Weekly listed Prey 2 as being in “active development,” raising hopes for enthusiasts. If this development progresses as indicated, filming could potentially commence by late 2024, with a presumed release in late 2025 or early 2026, maintaining a timeline similar to the first movie.

As the suspense heightens, 20th Century Studios’ parent company, Disney, has yet to make any official statement regarding a return to Trachtenberg’s sci-fi world. The unknown status of Prey 2 leaves fans pondering the direction the team might take, especially concerning the movie’s cast.

Should Prey 2 follow the footsteps of its predecessor, set in the same 1719 timeframe, familiar characters like Amber Midthunder’s Naru could reappear. Midthunder, in an interview with Collider, hinted at the possibility of her character’s return, emphasizing the unforeseen threats that may cross Naru’s path.

Another potential returning character would be Dane DiLiegro, who portrayed the bloodthirsty Predator in the original film. Having embraced the iconic creature for the first time in Prey, DiLiegro‘s return could add continuity to the storyline.

The direction of Prey 2 remains a subject of speculation. While a traditional sequel might see Naru facing the Predator once more, seeking revenge, actor Bennett Taylor, who played Raphael Adolini, has expressed interest in exploring a pirate-themed narrative, drawing inspiration from the Predator 1718 comic book.

The possibility of the Prey franchise adopting an anthology approach, exploring Predator encounters across different historical eras, has also been pondered by fans. From knights in Renaissance Europe to soldiers during the World Wars, the potential storylines appear boundless.

Amidst the suspense, Prey is currently available for streaming on Hulu, keeping fans engaged while awaiting official announcements and further revelations about the potential sequel.

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