Prime Video Unveils Trailer for Comedic Action Spy Thriller ROLE PLAY

Image Credit Prime Video

Prime Video is gearing up to release a thrilling comedic action spy film, ROLE PLAY, written by Seth Owen. The platform recently treated fans to a sneak peek through the first trailer, offering a glimpse into the dynamic performances of Kaley Cuoco as Emma and David Oyelowo as Dave.

The film follows the story of Emma and Dave, a seemingly ordinary married couple eager to spice up their anniversary celebration.

However, their innocent plan to indulge in role-playing at a luxurious hotel takes an unexpected turn when Emma’s hidden life as an assassin is accidentally exposed. This revelation triggers a series of events that not only jeopardize their marriage but also place their lives in imminent danger.

In ROLE PLAY, Emma, portrayed by Cuoco, balances her roles as a loving wife and mother in the suburbs of New Jersey with her covert profession as a hired assassin. The plot unfolds as David, played by Oyelowo, stumbles upon Emma’s secret life during their attempt to inject excitement into their relationship through role-play.

Director Thomas Vincent describes the film as a fresh take on the classic dynamic seen in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” exploring the challenges faced by a couple dealing with a seven-year itch and their efforts to overcome it.

The comedic action spy thriller, ROLE PLAY, is set to hit screens on January 12, 2024, promising audiences a delightful blend of humor, suspense, and unexpected twists.

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