Producers of the ‘Saw’ Franchise Announce Further Projects Involving Jigsaw Following ‘Saw X’

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It’s been six long years since the infamous Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, last graced the silver screen in the horror franchise ‘Saw.’ However, fans can rejoice as ‘Saw X’ is set to bring him back.

This latest installment takes us back in time, fitting itself between the events of the first two ‘Saw films and giving Tobin Bell’s character, Kramer, a chance to be a central figure once again.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. It seems ‘Saw X’ won’t be the end of the line for Jigsaw; the franchise’s producers, Mark Burg and Oren Koules, have hinted at more films on the horizon.

Koules revealed, “We’re kind of superstitious. We tend not to get too far ahead of ourselves. The movie’s going to be released in a few days. For us, we do have ideas for the next one, but we haven’t put pen to paper.

But this is his story, we really wanted it to be John Kramer’s story and tell a John Kramer story.”

About “Saw X”

For fans unfamiliar with the ‘Saw’ series, John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, met his demise in ‘Saw III’, but his presence continued through intricate flashbacks in subsequent films.

‘Saw X’ changes that by placing the action after the original ‘Saw’ movie, as Jigsaw embarks on his journey to becoming the menacing figure fans remember.

So, what can fans expect from ‘Saw X’? The film delves into the darkest chapter of Jigsaw’s twisted game.

Set between ‘Saw I’ and ‘Saw II,’ it follows John Kramer as he travels to Mexico in a desperate bid for a miracle cure for his cancer, only to fall victim to a fraudulent medical operation targeting vulnerable patients.

Armed with a renewed sense of purpose, the infamous serial killer returns to his gruesome work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature brutal and clever fashion through a series of sinister traps.

Fans can mark their calendars as ‘Saw X’ hits theatres on September 29th, promising to be a chilling addition to the iconic horror franchise. And with hints of more ‘Saw’ movies in the pipeline, Jigsaw’s reign of terror may be far from over.


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