Ratatouille 2 New Poster Arises Pot of Speculation, is it Releasing?

Ratatouille 2 New Poster

In a delectable blend of excitement, speculation is swirling around the supposed development of Ratatouille 2, fueled by a viral marketing poster that has set social media abuzz. The poster, making its rounds on Facebook, suggests that Disney and Pixar have a sequel in work for the 2007 lively film, cleverly titled RataTWOille.

The enticing image features characters Alfredo Linguini Gusteau and Remi, portrayed by Lou Romano and Patton Oswalt, respectively. The duo is depicted holding ladles next to a colossal pot in the kitchen of Linguini’s new bistro, La Ratatouille.

The poster’s design has sparked excitement among fans, eager for a second serving of the culinary adventures that charmed audiences in the original Ratatouille.

This isn’t the first time whispers of Ratatouille 2 have excited fans. Back in October 2022, fans were treated with a potential trailer on YouTube under the SLUURP profile. However, these teases are met with caution, especially considering Disney and Pixar‘s lack of official confirmation.

Patton Oswalt, the voice behind the character Remi, has suggested the possibility of a sequel on multiple occasions.  In 2007, he expressed openness to the idea, emphasizing Pixar’s approach of waiting for the right story rather than adhering to a strict schedule.

"So maybe there will be a sequel. It could be years down the road but they're not saying, 'All right, two summers from now there's got to be a sequel.' Of course I would love to do a sequel to this movie but I would love to do it the way Pixar does it which is, 'Oh, we just got the right story,' and they'll do it at their own pace."

In 2018, Oswalt reiterated his stance, stating that,

"If [a sequel] happens, I'll be the last to know. I don't want there to be a sequel just to do a sequel. I want it to be if Brad Bird comes up with a truly great story. Then we'll do it."

However, doubts arise about the authenticity of the recent poster, as Disney or Pixar has given no official statements about Ratatouille 2. Director Brad Bird, while expressing love for the original film, has been firm in his stance that the story has been told.

"Oh absolutely. Any sequel to 'Ratatouille' hinges on Brad Bird coming up with an idea that he likes and would want to pursue. I love that Pixar goes with the pace of the creators. They wait until something amazing happens. So, if he drew up something, that would mean that a truly big inspiration had hit him and he wants to do it. I would absolutely run and do that."

Despite fans’ eagerness and creative ideas for potential sequel plots, Ratatouille 2 remains a pipedream. As the poster continues to spark discussions, Disney and Pixar have yet to confirm any developments for this anticipated sequel.


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