Reacher Season 2: Episode 7 Debut and Overall All Schedule


As Season 2 of Reacher on Amazon Prime Video progresses towards its finale, fans are eagerly anticipating to know what’s next.

The season, which commenced on 15th December, has been unfolding weekly, offering viewers a thrilling story featuring Alan Ritchson as the towering hero from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books.

As confirmed by Amazon Prime Video, the release schedule has been consistent with a new episode being released every Thursday night.

The remaining episodes of Season 2 are expected to premiere on Prime Video at 8 p.m. ET.

Here is the whole release schedule below:

11th January: Episode 7: Thursday

18th January Episode 8: Thursday

As Reacher” Season 2 nears its conclusion, the unfolding story has captivated audiences. With just two episodes left, the suspense builds as Reacher and his team face relentless attacks while racing against time to uncover the truth behind the New Age Technologies conspiracy, specifically the mysterious Little Wing project.

The storyline takes a poignant turn with the heroic sacrifice of Domenick Lombardozzi’s character, Guy Russo, protecting Marlo Burnsdaughter. Amidst growing suspicions around Tony Swan‘s allegiance, Reacher’s pursuit of justice post-shootout with Shane Langston heightens the suspense. The evolving dynamic with Dixon adds intrigue, leaving viewers anticipating potential revelations of betrayal within the team.

For fans looking to catch up, the first six episodes of Reacher Season 2 are currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 7 is set to debut on Thursday, 11th January at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, promising another thrilling instalment in the ongoing saga.

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