Resurfaced Comments Over Batman Movies Made James Gunn Delete His Facebook Account

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James Gunn’s past criticism comments over Batman movies are still a major topic for many fans which led him to delete his Facebook account.

Just a few days ago, old Facebook posts from James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC Studios, resurfaced, where he criticized the Batman movies. These comments sparked outrage among DCEU fans.

In these resurfaced posts, Gunn called Michael Keaton’s Batman voice “ridiculous” and referred the Batman 1989 as “awful.” He even said the whole Batman franchise was a “travesty” and expressed dissatisfaction with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Returns.

Gunn’s strong criticism of these famous Batman movies made some DC fans express their frustration on Twitter. They said he might not be the right person to lead DC Studios. While this might seem extreme, it appears that Gunn has taken a drastic step by deleting his personal Facebook account. Although his professional page remains, anyone attempting to access the source of these alleged Batman comments will now encounter a “content deleted” message.

There is a possibility that Gunn simply changed his username to prevent further exploration of his past posts and interactions. Sadly, we can’t dismiss the possibility that he might have received mean messages from some fans. Gunn has chosen to remain silent on these posts, and there are those who believe they might have been fabricated. However, the strong negative reactions from fans show just how much James Gunn’s past comments about the Batman movie have hurt their sentiments.


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