Rick and Morty: Super Spring Break Special: This New X-Men Swimsuit Cover is Just the Perfect Parody

Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special

Get ready for some wacky fun as Rick and Morty are preparing for their Spring Break Special. They are doing it in style with a hilarious homage to a classic X-Men comic cover!

The new wraparound cover for Rick and Morty: Super Spring Break Special perfectly pays tribute to Jim Lee’s iconic 1991 X-Men swimsuit cover. This parody cover features Rick, Morty, Beth, and even Mr. Nimbus in their poolside scene, similar to the famous X-Men artwork.

Famous illustrator Marc Ellerby, known for his work on the Rick and Morty comics, shared the amusing homage on social media. He apologized to the original artists, Jim Lee and Scott Williams, for the brilliant yet ridiculous mashup between Rick and Morty, and X-Men.

Jim Lee’s iconic X-Men swimsuit cover achieved immense success, ranking among the top-selling comics ever. The cover showcases tight swimsuits and muscular bodies, leaving a long-lasting effect on enthusiasts and even inspired Marvel to publish their personal Swimsuit Specials.

Ellerby’s homage to the X-Men cover is a sight to behold, mixing classic X-Men art with the craziness of Rick and Morty. From Jerry caught between Beth and Space Beth to Hemorrhage and Mr. Poopybutthole flexing their muscles, there’s hilarity in every corner of the cover.

Fans can look forward to Rick and Morty: Super Spring Break Special #1 hitting stores on 12th  March 2024 and can enjoy a wild and entertaining adventure with everyone’s favorite interdimensional duo.

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