Ride into the Past: Ferrari Movie Zooms onto Online Platforms Soon


Following its initial run in theaters in 2023, the much-anticipated Ferrari movie, a biopic on the legendary founder Enzo Ferrari is gearing up for a digital debut.

Directed by Michael Mann and starring Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz, the film delves into Ferrari’s racing history and the iconic 1957 Mille Miglia race.

A Bumpy Start at the Box Office

Despite Ferrari’s intriguing storyline, the global box office reception was modest garnering around $20 million by early January. However, the film managed to secure a decent 73% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes signaling a mixed but appreciative audience.

Accelerating into Online Streaming: Key Dates

For eager fans awaiting the chance to stream Ferrari at home, the release date for online purchases has been unveiled.

According to When To Stream, the Ferrari movie will hit PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) platforms like Apple, Amazon, and Google on Tuesday, January 23. This swift transition from theaters to online platforms gives viewers the opportunity to enjoy the film’s digital version just 29 days after its theatrical release.

The Future Road for Ferrari Cast and Crew

With the online release on the horizon, the cast and crew of Ferrari are poised for what lies ahead. While the film may not have a sequel in the pipeline, the talented actors are keeping busy. Adam Driver is set to star in Francis Ford Coppola’s sci-fi drama Megalopolis featuring a star-studded cast.

Shailene Woodley’s Post-Ferrari Ventures

Shailene Woodley is a key player in Ferrari is not resting either. Following her role in the automotive drama, she is set to appear in Amazon Prime Video’s Killer Heat which is a love triangle drama alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Richard Madden.

Michael Mann and Penelope Cruz’s Post-Ferrari Plans

As for director Michael Mann and lead actress Penelope Cruz, their post-Ferrari projects are yet to be revealed. While Mann and Cruz remain relatively quiet on upcoming ventures, attention is on both for potential awards recognition as Ferrari continues its cinematic journey.


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