Rob Dyrdek Praises Wife Bryiana Dyrdek for Sharing Her Autism Diagnosis

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The president of Iconic Beauty recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with autism. In a post on Instagram on March 20th, she shared that after processing her diagnosis privately for a few months, she felt compelled to share her journey publicly. She explained that the little girl in the last slide of her post deserved better, and that she had finally reached the acceptance phase of her diagnosis. She also asked for patience and grace as she navigates this new path of learning, unlearning, and re-learning about herself.

Her husband of seven years, Rob, praised her bravery and beauty in the comments section of her post, calling her a gift to the world. Bryiana noted that her journey with autism is just beginning and that she has a lot to learn, but that she is filled with hope and peace.

In addition to sharing her personal journey, Bryiana expressed a desire to raise awareness and educate others about autism. She noted that she has learned many life-changing things about ASD and can’t keep them to herself. She also revealed that she was initially afraid to share her diagnosis publicly because some of the people closest to her did not receive it well. However, she is now filled with hope and peace and is ready to embrace her true self. If you notice her acting differently, it’s because she is rediscovering herself, the person she was always meant to be.


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