Russell Crowe Has Some Devastating News for His Fans

Russell Crowe Has Some Devastating News for His Fans
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Actor Russell Crowe went to Twitter to break the news that his beloved dog, Louis, had passed away. He wrote that Louis, a 16-month-old canine, had captured his heart after he shared a photo of him online and described the animal as “tiny, cheeky, and brave.” Then, on the second anniversary of his father’s death, the devastating news that Louis had been struck by a vehicle was delivered. Unfortunately, Crowe was unable to save Louis, who passed away while he held him. Many of Crowe’s Twitter followers called out to him with sympathy and stories of their own canine deaths. Vincent D’Onofrio, a close friend of Crowe’s, also shared his sadness at the news. The performer had previously shown his fans pictures of his close friendship with Louis, including one of the two of them dressed alike in Ralph Lauren polos. On the same day that Louis passed away, March 30, 2021, Crowe also lost his father, John Alexander Crowe. Crowe had previously tweeted his grief over his father’s death and his admiration for him. There are many pieces of heartbreak, he said, but love is unbreakable. Crowe’s loss of his father and his dog on the same day must be excruciatingly painful for him right now. We can only pray that the outpouring of sympathy and support from his legion of admirers will help ease his pain.


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