Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther Spin-Off Wakanda to Take Animated Turn?

image credit MCU

It seems Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther spin-off is now set to become an animated series.

In a surprising turn of events, the highly-anticipated Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther spin-off series Wakanda is been speculated to take an unexpected animated route.

The live-action TV series originally slated to explore the rich tapestry of Wakanda will now come to life in the world of animation.

The buzz around this transition began at the 2022 Comic-Con in San Diego when Marvel Studios showcased its forthcoming animated ventures.

However, updates on these projects have been scarce, prompting concerns that exciting series like “Spider-Man: Freshman Year” and “Marvel Zombies” might have been pushed to the back burner.

Now, The Cosmic Circus has dug deep into the production landscape and unearthed several production companies established by Marvel Studios.

These entities are gearing up for a roster of animated undertakings, with one intriguingly titled “Maglev Train” currently in the works, along with the enigmatic “Golden City.”

Previously, fans believed that “Golden City” was the working title for Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda, a set in the rich and vibrant world of Black Panther which will be a live-action series, However, recent speculations suggest that this project is undergoing a transformation into an animated series

This unexpected twist has brought fresh anticipation among fans and they are eager to see how Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda will come to life in this animated venture.

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