Ryan Reynolds Sells His Wireless Company for More Than $1 Billion


Actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds has proved his business acumen once again as T-Mobile announced its acquisition of Mint Mobile on Wednesday for $1.35 billion. Reynolds is an investor in Mint Mobile and the exact amount he owns has not been disclosed, but reports suggest it could be as much as 25%.

Reynolds said in a statement released by T-Mobile that “Mint Mobile is the best deal in wireless and today’s news only enhances our ability to deliver for our customers.”

Reynolds joked in the statement that he was glad T-Mobile had beaten out a last-minute bid from his mother, Tammy Reynolds, whose “slightly-above-average mahjong skills” did not match the strategic fit of T-Mobile’s 5G network. Reynolds also expressed pride in the Mint team and excitement for what’s to come.

T-Mobile, the second-largest cell phone company in the US, will pay $1.35 billion for Mint Mobile, with a combination of 39% cash and 61% stock. Reynolds will remain in his creative role on behalf of the company too.

To mark the acquisition, Reynolds and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert released a short video produced by Maximum Effort Advertising, another of Reynolds’ ventures. The video features Sievert talking seriously about the merger and Reynolds saying humorous one-liners, such as “Nice to have a new dad!” before giving Sievert a hug.


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