Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2: Not on the Horizon Creators Share Insights

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2: Not on the Horizon Creators Share Insights

The recent anime release “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” has stirred discussions among fans about the possibility of a second season. Despite a teasing post-credits scene, the creators Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ben David Grabinski have provided insights into the chances of a Season 2.

Post-Credits Scene Tease

The anime now available on Netflix worldwide left viewers wondering about potential follow-up seasons after a tantalizing post-credits scene. However, the creators have clarified their current stance on the matter.

Creators’ Perspective on Season 2

Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ben David Grabinski shared their thoughts on the prospect of a second season with Rolling Stone. They emphasized that the first season was crafted as a self-contained story with all their creative ideas poured into its making. As of now, they are not actively pursuing a Season 2.

O’Malley’s Statement

O’Malley stated, “It’s self-contained for now. We loved what we did. We put it all in there. We don’t have any ideas lying on the floor. We pretty much put them all in. I never say never but right now it seems like it would take about 50 different miracles simultaneously for another season to happen. So we’ll see.”

Grabinski’s Input

Grabinski echoed O’Malley’s sentiments confirming that they are not currently working on a second season and have no official ideas in the pipeline. He emphasized their commitment to making the first season comprehensive and highlighted the satisfaction they derive from its conclusion.

Closure and Satisfaction

O’Malley reassured fans by addressing the common concern of shows getting canceled after one season. The creators deliberately aimed to create a self-contained experience within the first season. Grabinski emphasized that everything set up emotionally and thematically in Season 1 has closure and if there were no more TV after November 18 they would be content.


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