Shakira’s new selfie is for Gerard Piqué’s Girlfriend


Shakira takes a breathtaking picture, with one side of her face in the darkness to emphasize her beautiful features. She looks fabulous in a brown blouse and a fuzzy black bucket cap. Shakira’s fans went crazy in the comments section, sharing their theories and trying to decide what she meant, after the caption “Chiaroscuro” evoked the lyrics from her hit song “Music Sessions #53,” which say, “She has the name of a good person, Clearly (“Clara”…mente) is not what it sounds like.” Many of Shakira’s devoted followers felt compelled to leave comments in Spanish to express their enthusiasm for the performer. Some of Shakira’s admirers claimed that the singer enjoys shaking things up and dropping clues that everyone gets. Despite widespread belief to the contrary, however, “Chiaroscuro” actually refers to something entirely distinct. Italian for “sharp contrast between lights and darks,” this term describes how a work of art like a picture or image uses light and dark tones to great effect. Shakira has had a phenomenal year, smashing numerous streaming marks while pushing her new album. She made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” not too long ago, where she and Bizarrap sang “Music Sessions #53” to a rapturous reception. Shakira’s dedication to her craft and her audience is palpable in every performance, and her followers can’t get enough.


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