Sony Pictures’ Anyone But You Unveils its Digital Release Date!

Sony Pictures’ Anyone But You

The romantic comedy, Anyone But You starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, premiered in theatres on 22nd December. Despite garnering a 51% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes the movie charmed and contributed over $60 million to the box office within its initial three weeks. Now fans are wondering when will they enjoy this movie from the comfort of their homes,

Sony Pictures celebrates the unexpected success of its late 2023 surprise hit, by announcing the digital release date for Anyone But You.

When to Stream on X suggests that the PVOD release on platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Google will be on 23rd January. This marks a brief 32-day interval between the theatrical debut and the online release date, underscoring Sony Pictures’ responsiveness to the evolving landscape of digital content consumption.

Being part of Sony Pictures’ multi-year partnership with Netflix, Anyone But You is destined to join the streaming service following its theatrical run. However, the exact streaming debut date remains the subject of speculation.

Analyzing the timelines of previous Sony releases under this partnership, films like Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings and David Harbour’s Gran Turismo hit theatres in 2023 and found their way to Netflix about four months later. A similar pattern is expected for Anyone But You, projecting a likely Netflix arrival around 20th April, though an official confirmation is pending.

With Anyone But You is set to bring joy to fans as it becomes available for digital purchase on 23rd January 2023.


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